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mullah in mexico allowing this to happen. think about this for a minute. you are transporting young people in a lot of cases openly on trains from the southern border of mexico to the southern border of the united states across the rio grande from texas. that government does not know about it. mexico is very strict about illegal immigration. think more reading and tijuana. they are pretty strict about allowing people to come into their country so how were we seeing literally thousands of young people being transported across the country? i don't know the answer to that but i consider to be a failure of diplomacy by the united states and working with those countries asking those questions because we have known this has been going on since 2012. this was brought to my attention by our homeland security folks who work in or fusion center at our department of public safety. i have known about this for two years. the president has known about this. the homeland security agency is known about this. i can answer the question about why are we seeing this spike. i don't maul that but it begs
, through mexico to the southern border of the united states. i don't think this just happened by accident. we have got to be diplomatically engaging our neighbors to the south and making sure they understand they have a responsibility as well to keep this from happening. >> yeah. i mean look. they have got to cross into mexico from guatemala and el salvador. we know the people smugglers make a lot of money. we know the word on the internet come to america you can stay and that's largely true. when you texas large. someone coming over. you have to hand them over to ice. that's the law. you can't push them backer and l them to go back where they came from. you have to treat them humanely. they know that. you have to give it to ice and then ice flies them around. massachusetts, arizona, wherever it may be. whatever they say they have an uncle or aunt or whatever. i don't know if you spending all the money are going to do anything at all control the situation. >> well, there is two issues here. one of them is that when you put a presence, when you put a law enforcement presence on the border,
31 cadaveres en una fosa clandestina en veracruz, mexico john boehner, presidente de la camara de representantes, culpo al gobierno del presidente obama de la crisis humanitaria de los niqos en la frontera acompaqenos esta tarde en noticiero ... ♪ >> los choques y las aparatosas caÍdas estuvieron a la orden del dÍa en el encuentro entre grecia y japÓn. un partido muy agresivo pero los goles brillaron por su ausencia. los nipones lucharon con todos pero la defensa griega fue impenetrable ambos equipos terminaron agotados y empatados a cero. >> siguiendo con el entusiasmo deportivo vamos derecho a rÍo de janeiro con edgar martÍnez. >> hubo goles y mejores. >> efectivamente, chicas, gusto de saludarlas a ustedes que la gente que nos siggue en primer impacto dos partidos que nos hizo vibrar uruguay- inglaterra con luis suÁrez como la gran figura. uruguay comenzaba salvÁndose con el remate de rooney despuÉs vendrÍa la respuesta de los uruguayos. cavani el servicio, golazo, golazo! sensacional, remate de cabeza dejando sin posibilidad al guardameta inglÉs era la locura en la
this excitement. this bay area man painted a truck in support of mexico. we want to see your pictures. you can e mail them, up load them through our news app or abc7 >> yes. keep them coming. >> a love of swimming have drawn a 22 time olympic medallist, michael phelpps back into the pool. he retired after 2012 london olympic games but decided on a come back last year. he says he loves the fact he's doing it on his terms. >> i'm doing this because i enjoy it. that is the only reason. whatever you guys take, whatever you will, american public says it will, or won't do. that doesn't bother me. i am enjoying competing. that is why i'm here. >> this weekend's meet is his final tune up before nationals. >> and now to another bay area athlete. this is red, white, and blue. and cute all over. >> yes. coming up debut of a >> coming up who is to blame for the crash of asiana crash 214? also, the phone that wasn't the apple of a bay area woman's eye. months of problems took michael finney to straighten out. and why summer school is a day in the park for some san francisco kids. >
for a vote. it's really that simple. >> finally, here, the president talked to the president of mexico about the growing crisis of unaccompanied minors coming across the border. it's overwhelmed u.s. facilities. they've been trying to figure out what to do with this. does the coverage of that crisis hurt your cause? seems to me the coverage has been used particularly in the conservative media to show our borders are out of control and the president is letting in all the illegals. >> it is a problem because people don't understand what's happening. the fact is that these kids, these women and children, are fleeing very, very violent places in central america. this is a fleeing from violence story. so the problem here is that as long as congress doesn't fix the immigration system, we're going to have kids crossing a river instead of going through a process. and finally, the fact is that the border is more secure than ever. these are kids who are not sneaking across the border. walking across the border and saying, please, save me from my vens. look at the deportation numbers, majority of depor
canada and juicy air from the gulf of mexico and cold air in the upper atmosphere. we're talking about more tornadoes, thunderstorms and large hail could happen in similar areas and a similar situation could happen in southern parts of canada as we go into your friday. >>> thundershowers expected for the eastern areas of the u.s., as well. but spain is dry today and the northeast, new york city at 28 degrees, cooling down to the 20s 234 washington, d.c., as well. on the opposite side, dry conditions in california. a train derails thursday morning in the bottom of a landslide. currently, the railway service has resutured and the rain is now panning just the northern areas. temperatures are quite hot in the south. meanwhile, hot weather in most of japan today. r50e67ing 31 and 30 degrees in tokyo. meanwhile, this cold front will be quite low for the summer. only 15 degrees for the high. all right. finally, in brazil, three matches are set on your friday. it looks like it's wet and muggy your high could be 30 degrees and dry. your high could be 16 degrees with the low of 7. here's the ext
. dozens have been killed by cops in albuquerque, new mexico. now the justice department is getting involved. one video you're about to see shows why. we'll warn you it's disturb. drew griffin reports. >> reporter: what you're about to see is horrific. this mentally disturbed the homeless man illegally camping in the hills above albuquerque, new mexico, will soon fall victim to police bullets. >> i'm telling you. >> reporter: the justification for the shooting, according to police, those two small camping knives in his hands. after hours of negotiations and surrounded by heavily armed officers, james boyd agrees to leave, then suddenly this. >> get on the ground. >> a flash grenade. boyd turns his back. police open fire. three shots. as he gasps for breath. police sic a dog on his leg. they fire bean bags at his arms, then handcuff him as you hear the 38-year-old man slowly wheezing. boyd was slowly dying. the next day in a hospital, james boyd became the 26th person in the last four years to die after being shot by albuquerque police. the autopsy revealed he was shot in the back. a
the border into mexico with three legal, personal weapons, 3 guns, after some leg turmoil has family has fired a third attorney. 80 days without any public statement by this president, about sarge tahmorressi. >> marine cor corporal william e carpenter today became eighth living veteran of combat in afghanistan to receive the medal honor during a 2020 firefight in afghanistan, carpenter fell on a grenade to shield a fellow marine from the blast. he spend 2 tpha*f 2 1/2 years ie hospital, the doctors rebuilt his owned about. he said his marines areas -- the years in the continue put things in perspective. >> we're coming right back. >> benghazi ston stonewall lois lerner's vanished e-mails charles: more obstacles in effort to recover lois lerner's missing e-mails at irs, telling that irs threw out and recycleed ed the hard drives that lerner and 6 others grouped while targeting tea party groups. saying it is standard government procedure to discare card damagd hard drives. her computer allegedly crashed in 2011, computer expert say those e-mails are nonetheless, backed up and retrieve ab
thing that is happening to entrust a child to a coyote to bring them all the way through mexico, you stop them at the border and you start sending them back. in a humane way, you are not going -- you say walk through mexico he. >> 8-year-old kid back? >> well, you are going to have people with them. i don't care if you have to have nurses and doctors and counselors, but when the buses start returning and return the children to the parents, world will be -- word will be out that it's not working. i guarantee you the wave will stop. >> let me turn to iraq. the president says 300 advisors. good idea? bad idea? indifferent? what? >> what is he doing is preparing the ground for the advisors and the most important element is intelligence to use our air assets if there is an emergency. if the bad guys start heading into baghdad, heading for the green zone, our embassy, then he will have the intelligence, he will have. >> so you support this? >> it's a minimal step. is he not engaging. it's not going to make any difference now. it's a contingent step to have us ready in an emergency. but the
different air masses, cool and dry air from canada and juicy air from the gulf of mexico and code air in the upper atmosphere all combine. it's creating very rough weather in the similar areas. we're talking about more tornadoes, thunderstorms and large hail could happen in a similar location and the similar area and the similar situation could happen in southern parts of canada as we go into your friday. thundershowers expected for the eastern areas of the u.s., as well, but staying dry today in the northeast, new york city at 28 degrees, cooling down to the 20s in washington, d.c., as well. and on the opposite side of the continent, dry conditions are still continuing in california and temperatures are quite hot, 28 for the high with plenty of sunshine throughout the day. all right. across asia, heavy rain is still pounding southeastern china. no breaking is in sight at least for the next several days. now, yesterday, a landslide occurred in gang zo province and a train derailed. this was the situation five passengers were injured. when a train derailed thursday morning in guangdong
in brazil plays soccer. despite their disappointing draw with mexico they're still in the driver's seat with the 3-1 victory and brazil needs to win monday to qualify. considering their track record so far it should be easy as pie although that's just based on what i'm saying. it's just hearsay because unlike everyone else i didn't stop working midday yesterday for two hours to watch them play. the only question is what's more remarkable? the brazilian team or his hair style. sometimes i feel like being bald is a bit of a blessing. let me tell you about my favorite stock with brazilian roots because i don't care for the brazilian stock market as you know that i think has what it takes to win cramer's cup. i'm talking about bud for your home gamers. here's the thing, bud, the world's largest brewer, 25% market share around the globe and 200 brands including 17 that each generate over $1 billion a year in sales. it's though the exactly a brazilian company. give me license here. you see it is a belgian brazilian multinational with it's headquaters in belgium but as i mentioned it's got rea
to brazilians feel about the world cup? 0-0.0-0.exico >> iwatch brazil played mexico and everybody gathered around to watch. what was fascinating is everyone was really into soccer, but not everybody was rooting for brazil. for a lot of folks here, they're rooting against the national team, which is actually a point of pride given all the disagreements that people have with fifa and the government and how they have implemented the world cup. that was an interesting thing to see. >> i know we might lose the satellite, but we're going to take it vantage until we do. the issue of where the world cup in brazil politics go from here? >> everywhere it goes right now going forward is the october elections. doma rousseff will be running for reelection and the 2016 olympics, which will be held right here in rio. the struggle is not going anywhere. already you see rousseff use a lot of care and stick in terms of -- caret and stick in terms of how they're getting people ready for the olympics. you mentioned the protest by the homeless workers movement and the landless hasn't movements taking place. th
already imagine him as a resident of mexico. -- president of mexico. danish photographer nikolai thiston has produced collection of 141 boxers where he has photographed them before and after their matches. black eyes and bruises aplenty. they can be seen on the artist's blog. gg99Ññwçça7guc 06/19/14 06/19/14 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] >> from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> i can tell you we are open to engaging the iranians just as we are engaging other regional players on the threat posed by isil in iraq. >> as iraq request the united states carry out airstrikes against sunni militants, we will look at the role of iran while washington and tehran work together to shore up the iraqi
. >>> if you're planning a trip to mexico anytime soon, bill o'reilly is going to try to talk you out of that. >> it's time for all of us to stop going there. that country's not our friend. >> stay tuned. keeping a billion customers a year flying, means keeping seven billion transactions flowing. and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions are always calm during a storm. so if your business deals with the unexpected, hp big data and cloud solutions make sure you always know what's coming - and are ready for it. make it matter. >>> there are a lot of nice places to visit in mexico, like cancun, for example, or cabo according to sammy heg ar. but if you're thinking of going, bill o'reilly wants you to think twice about it. >> it is time for all of us to stop going there. that country's not our friend. it knows, and helps the millions of people that are crossing its territory to enter the usa illegally. add to that, the marine who has post-traumatic stress disorder incarcerated down there. and you have mexican president nieto give ugh the middle finger.
mexico to escape violence in their home countries of honduras, guatemala or el salvador.ei housed temporarily in u. like thien ara,t no to se850 dr who seemrs oongres said ures w given the chance to have due inadvertently return them to tetherem peali heyall a hea y crisis, usually seen elsewhere around the rl in u.s. >> many have died on the road to america fleeing certain death and destruction in their own country. >> reporter: they say up to $2 billion may be needed to deal with the crisis immediately. r border enforcement and relaxed immigration laws under presen obama, these democrats say blame the drug cartels and gangs and ask the administration to put pressure on the governments in e the countries. nbc 10 news.ld thunderstorm,ar s but fth of tharea. e dry air i moving in now continue to filter in as we througnitnd especily tomoow. mae a unhe hae will be sou of th l prettood for poconos though. kend. we have really nice conditions with sunshine, detroit air continuing e ing -- dry air move in. philadelphia now the mid-70s. so, we have actually warmed up a little bit fro
any time soon. every day, hundreds more arrive after a treacherous journey to mexico. some of the detainees are being reunited with family members. others don't know where the journey will end. al jazeera. this is a small rural area, i have two buys on duty tonight. the public safety is my job, so i was elected to do. if you are talking about dropping 500 kids for any reason, in downtown, something to be alarmed about. kit be a retreat catch, it can be something to be alarmed about if you drop 500 kids downtown. >> yeah. >> so for the federal government to just shut it down, last friday, and say six days and we have no idea what in the world with is going on. >> what with is being done to get you and the members of the community more information about the young people who are coming. monday we met and did some q & a. we met again this morning, we over some security details specifically about the campus and what they plan on doing. so -- we are finding out more information. >> does the information that you are getting to this point from the federal government make you more o
with the federales to work on that side like i used to do when i was director in texas and mexico and try to work with them and stop these people before they come across the border. i don't think that's going to happen, though. >> i wouldn't hold my breath. sheriff joe, good to see you. thank you very much. the vets keep paying the price and we keep paying the guys supposed to be responsible for them. ♪ abe! get in! punch it! let quicken loans help you save your money. with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze! of swedish experience in insidperfecting the rich,ars never bitter taste of gevalia. we do it all for this very experience. [woman] that's good. i know right? gevalia. that's why i always choose the fastest intern.r slow. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. >>> to our nation's veterans again. i want you to hear
mexico, they are from places like hondaurous and guatamala and el sal vador. but law makers say we would not be in the mess if not for the president. governor perisaid, and i am quoting here: until the federal government recognizes the dafrmg that it is putting our is thes in by the inaction to secure the border, texas law enforcement must do everything they can to keep our citizens and communities safe. fox reached out to the feds. the department of homeland security, and customs and border protection to get their reaction on texas' plan here. so far, no comment. >> interesting. we talked to the head of the union for the border patrol agents during the 11:00 hour. he said he welcomes this. and the resources for the border patrol will be something they look forward to. jushgs they put choppers in the air and boats in the water and boots on the ground, it could serve as a deterient, but the question is what happens once they are apprehelpeded and turned over to ice and so it is a big mess. >> it is a interesting story and dynamic and one we are watching cloet closely. casy, great to see
of minors are crossing the u.s. mexico board alone and ending up in shelters under federal custody. just how unanticipated was the surge and subsequent shellerring crisis. plus undocumented pima frayed to report crimes because of their immigration status. how that fear could be turning their communities in to targets. and later, rogue soldiers in the mexican army. confrontations between border protection and mexican soldier on his u.s. soil. sometimes resulting in attacks on american citizens. what's going on? ♪ ♪ >>> this has been a conversation in america for you last few weeks, but what is interesting is who knew about this ahead of time? >> three words explosive in the u.s. politics, board, he undocumented and immigration. we have all three in today's discussion. we shared all of this with our community and as you can imagine it diverse opinions. sal thinks it's not complicated it's easy just tell people don't break the law. however, sergio says i crossed back in the united states in order to legally resolve my illegal status. however, i would see why people have a lot of misconcepti
the u.s. mexico board alone and ending up in shelters under federal custody. just how unanticipated was the surge and subsequent shellerring crisis. plus undocumented pima frayed to report crimes because of their immigration status. how that fear could be turning their communities in to targets. and later, rogue soldiers in the mexican army. confrontations between border protection and mexican soldier on his u.s. soil. sometimes resulting in attacks
than 162,000 people from countries other than mexico have crossed the southern border of the united states since last october. that's more than 100% increase than the previous year. as my democratic colleague, congressman henry cuellar, said, if we don't send the message that they can't come and stay here, this problem will continue to continue and it's going to get worse. the answer is secure the border. if we don't secure the border our work in congress is obsolete. of course, the president is absent in this crisis. enforce the laws of the land and secure our borders. in god we trust. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentlelady from california seek recognition? ms. hahn: i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. hahn: thank you, mr. speaker. pancreatic cancer is one of the deadliest cancers. a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is often a death sentence. of all the patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, 73% die within the
about it. >> so texas will apparently handle the crisis itself. we want to speak with former new mexico governor and u.n. ambassador bill richardson about this. he joins us on the phone. thanks so much for joining us at this hour. >> thank you. nice to be with you. >> well, look, we want to talk about this situation that we see going on in texas. essentially governor rick perry taking things into his own hands saying the feds aren't moving fast enough for him. he's got to stem the flow of immigrants coming across the boarder. is this a good solution? >> well, it's a temporary solution because the federal government, the congress, has not passed an immigration bill that brings more funds for border security, some kind of a legalization plan, and i have to admit, while i was governor of new mexico in 2005, i had a similar situation with a lot of violent cartels on my border and i declared a state emergency so i could get some funds to hire more law enforcement personnel. so i can't criticize governor perry. i do think it's a wake-up call to the congress, to the administration, to try to g
to north america will have to go through asia and north america, as mexico become self-sufficient in energy. and from africa and the former soviet union. this is a giant shift in global crude trade, this is a much bigger part of local efficiency. u.s. oil --n on inld we see a change benchmarks like wti and brent narrow? -- brent would narrow? >> this is more a matter of -- >> what does this mean for the u.s. benchmark, would this rise? >> we have seen this over the last half year and the pipeline could shift, and all of this had narrowed a little bit. it went down to the gulf and affected other crudes there. this is as an efficient of a system that some people gain but the consumer does not. >> i have heard of the boom that led to the price differential and such. the u.s. shale boom will actually end in 10 years, basically a big decline right to get the oil out of the ground. what do you say about that? >> we also have penciled in a lot of angles with a slight decline of production, and look what happens right now. for the second year in a row the u.s. had outperformed -- and it was the big
] >> reporter: anna was constantly moving, traveling by bus, trailers, even by foot. she made it to mexico. it was there that an already difficult journey took a horrific turn for the worse. [ speaking foreign language ] tears run down her face as she describes how she was separated from the group and gang raped by strangers for several hours. cnn does not identify victims of rape who wish to remain anonymous. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she says her thoughts during this very dark time turned to her hopes and dreams for the future, the very reasons why she left her home in honduras. the following morning anna was moved to several other locations, getting closer to the border. a few days later u.s. authorities detained her as she walked into texas. >> reporter: did you feel any sense of security? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: in early april, two months after her nightmarish journey began, anna reunited with her sister in miami. [ speaking foreign language ] >> today she lives in south florida. her attorney tells us anna plans to seek asylum. for now she's working
maula. gangs, -- got molla. gangs, drugs are sending kids to belize, costa rica, mexico to the united states. this is a crisis that doesn't have easy solutions. he obama administration, homeland security and fema are trying to address each case one by one, following the laws of this country we have for unaccompanied minors, families and asylum seekers. the first goal must be to get the children in a safe place. eventually some may pass the rigorous test for asylum. others may be considered for legal status as victims of traffickers but many have no legal of a knew and had none to begin with. in many cases, children will face an immigration judge alone without a lawyer and without a clue what's going on. the majority get orders of removal and face deportation immediately. i have urged parents in the home countries that the risks are too great, the danger is too real and the survival rate too low to attempt such a perilous journey. but let's be clear. adults on all sides of the border are failing when they have no way to survive than to risk crossing thousands of miles. i do not see the
the gulf of mexico. this video was shot by an under water gulf rig camera. as jellyfish go this is about two feet long. >> it looks bigger. >> it does. >> maybe its mother loves it. it is not an attractive jellyfish. >> usually found about 7,000 miles in antarctica. scientists don't know how this guy ended up where they found it in the gulf. >>> world cup fever, it is time to let you in on a little soccer secret. you may have noticed something funny on the field. players get tapped. falling in agony. here is the deal. they are usually faking. these are called the flops and are pretty common in soccer around the world except among americans because team usa say it is cheating. >> they do that in basketball, too. >> the world cup these refs have to make split second decisions as to what happened. you have some guy faking it. >> they look at the replay tape and realize i fell for that one. >>> a company that makes condoms out with a new ad spoofing the dives. the ad, don't fake it. [ laughter ] >> i saw a lot of that in the spain/chile game yesterday. >> i'm not -- >> i didn't see the whole
represent borders mexico. first of all, your reaction to this merge surge operation. how does it help address a legitimate humanitarian crises there? >> there are two issues here. we'll talk about the humanitarian crises, but on the surge, what the state officials want to do, we certainly want to welcome, as long as they coordinate with the border patrol, and the other thing is, make sure that they fill in the gap. they can't do the immigration part of it. as you know, a border patrol person right now takes up about 40% of its time right now at the border to fill out paperwork, take care of the kids, so they're away from the border. so having somebody help fill that gap, we certainly want to welcome them as long as they coordinate with our federal officials. >> nearly 50 thousand children traveling alone have been taken into u.s. custody at the southern border. a new article in the los angeles times describes one center in brownsville, texas where some of these children have been taken, quote, immigrant youths covered tractor-trail the concrete floors, sprawled shoulder to shoulder, i
. it will be enough to ensure their qualification. he head butted his own teammate. >> mexico and croatia will be looking for the victory that would guarantee their progress. those games are monday. >> cameroon and spain fans may be doing soul searching, their exits have not dampened enthusiasms. fans were in brazil to live and breathe the world cup. we met with some of them. >> it's an invasion, world cup plans with 32 countries outnumbering brazillens in rio de janeiro. on this day, chile and spain faced each other. >> there's just so much going on. i've never been anywhere quite so international, where you've got so many different nations from all over the world all mixing together. >> down the street, we join a group watching the australian netherlands match. it's critical hour for the aussies. >> we're bog to win. it's too old. you got to believe. you got to believe. >> unfortunately, their good luck charm wasn't enough to keep australia in the tournament. from algeria to japan, the fans have come from every continent. by far, the largest numbers from argentina and chile. many drivin
to bring a manufacturing line of refrigerators from mexico back to louisville and creating hundreds of jobs in the process. does the proposed rule allow states to take credit for reductions, achieved through energy efficient initiatives like this one? >> certainly any program that encourages or incentivizes or provides for ways for people to save energy which means less carbon going up the stack, are completely creditable under the plan. >> we're happy that epa agrees with that. that's a good example of,000 create flexibility and create energy efficiency and help consumers save money and reduce emissions. i'm glad the chairman mentioned, waxman-markey, earlier in his opening remarks because i was one of a group of ten or 12 or so representatives from states that were heavily dependent on carbon, on coal-based energy who went to our leadership at the time, rick baulcher led that effort and we basically said to our leadership and mr. waxman that we couldn't support the bill as it was originally drafted it would have been devastating for our consumers and our businesses. and they made changes
part of a for migrant children across mexico to reach the drama has taken another--the donald sterling legal drama has taken an another strange turn. strange turn. shelly sterling's attorneys will ask a judge today to order donald and his attorneys to not threaten, harass or intimidate his wife's legal team and doctors who determined donald was mentally incapacitated. the request seeks protections for witnesses in next month's trial to determine if shelly sterling can sell the clippers to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer an update now to a story we toughs first brought you yesterday morning. it's a ghost story that kron 4 helped go viral. and the people who snapped the picture are speaking out now. this ghostly image was captured by a british couple visiting alcatraz last april. you can see the shadowy image of a female figure. looking back at the window. female announcer: female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic m
. croatia and mexico will fight it out for a place in the last 16. uruguay met england in group d with both sides needing a win to have a chance to be in the last 16. a decision over wayne rooney following a knife world cup game -- a ninth world cup game without scoring. >> i have no doubts going into this game that we will create uruguay big problems going forward. we have a lot of pace, a lot of ability. that is the reason i believe the key to this game is if we can get our defensive side right. i believe we will get a win. we want to stay here for as long as possible, and i am sure everyone in the squad is aware of how difficult it is going to be if we fail tomorrow. >> uruguay west stands by costa rica in their match. another defeat in sÃo paulo could mean in elimination. it is a personal goal and i think it is normal that you defend your image and the way the world views you after such a result. it is an opportunity to prove that we have overcome an enormously difficult situation. we are focusing on the game against england because that is all that matters to us. we cannot think furth
mexico and michael bennet of colorado. this constitutional amendment grants congress the authority to regulate and limit the raising and spending of money for federal elections. senator udall and bennet's amendment will rein in the spending of massive super pac's which have grown so much since the citizens united decision in 2010. it also provides -- this constitutional amendment states with authority -- campaign spending at their state level. so simply put, a constitutional amendment is what this nation needs to bring sanity back to political campaigns and restore americans' confidence in their elected leaders. let -- mr. president, let's put an end to the cult of dark money and in this instance, the hidden dark money which is corrupting our elections. it's time that we revive our constituents' faith in the electoral system, let them know that their voices are being heard. mr. durbin: would the majority leader yield for a question through the chair? mr. reid: i would be happy to. mr. durbin: i would ask the majority leader through the chair, yesterday afternoon, the subcommittee o
muerte de su hija en mexico por supuestamente ingerir una polmica bebida.. vo - lorena ---y en exclusiva, conozca un centro de detencion que ha causado controversia por el trato que le da a migrantes...... take katherine live en tan solo los ultimos tres das... juanfra/take vo --investigadores continuan averiguando lo que provoc un incendio de tres alarmas ayer en sunnyvale...desplazando a dos familias... lorena/take vo --comparecer frente a un juez
wednesday in arizona for his role in the 2010 shooting near the u.s. mexico border. he pleaded not guilty to the first murder charge that left an agent dead. that exposed the fast and furious allegations, tracking guns being sold. >> the president described the surge of children trying to come into the country alone as a humanitarian crisis that is urgent. in arizona, a facility has been criticized for its living conditions. >> pictures from a media tour of a u.s. youth detention centered showed the sleeping conditions for children, given showers, clean clothes and recreation. wednesday media tour showed a center less crowded than before. it contrasted with exclusive pictures aljazeera obtained just last week of the same detention center in arizona. still, the center had the feeling of a prison with kids held behind chain linked fences and razor wire. officials couldn't tell us how many are housed here or how long they'll stay. they refused all requests for television interviews. these youth are part of a record wave of unaccompanied minors arriving on the u.s. border. 50,000 have arrived
from mexico in the . now at our news desk is the house leadership reporter with the national journal. here to talk to us about this election coming up on capitol hill. who is runningh for what position. the first will be forst a the majority leader's position, which is being vacated by eric cantor. that race is between two members, kevin mccarthy is the current majority whip, seeking to jump up to the number two spot. he has a professional vote counting operation. roll labrador is from idaho. he is attempting to tap into the that is running rampant in the gop these days. he is making the case that he will transform the policymaking process from a top-down approach to a bottom-up approach. convince apting to lot of the new lawmakers that he will be their voice and get them more involved in the process. it's a good message. he stands very little chance of defeating mr. mccarthy. if kevin mccarthy wins the first sense to thea majority leader's post, then there will be a second election to replace mccarthy as majority whip. that is a three horse race. alise, peter roskam and marlin stutz
is with him no matter where he is. roy has family members of the bay area and new mexico but none have heard from him. the teen who stole away on a flight from san jose tell ye he first time. it 15 year-old yahya abdi jumped the fence as an alderman at her back in april and survived a five and half hour flight in the wheel well of an airplane flying tamale. his ministers public comment since the flight now says he can believe he survive the journey. he says he jumped on the close is their plan was going west was trying to reach his mother in africa. abdi state and is staying in a separate foster home. he will be a junior high school this fall and plans to live with his aunt in minnesota. off a group of men in richmond are being paid to put down their weapons. the office of neighborhood safety is reaching out to men most likely to turn to gun violence. the men are selected by the o-n-s. to become part of a fellowship. o-n-s is not part of the police department, but does work with police.. there are about 40 young men involved. they can earn up to a thousand- dollars a month. based on their mo
at great speed through the gulf of mexico. the video was shot by an underwater gulf rig camera. as jellyfish go, this is a big one, about two feet long. >> looks bigger. >> it does. >> maybe its mother loves it. it's not an attractive jellyfish. >> how long is your leg? you fall into that thing -- >> they're usually found about 7,000 miles antarctica. scientists don't know how he ended up where they found him, in the gulf. >> hole new movie. >>> world cup fever in full effect these days. it's time to let you in on a little soccer secret. you may haotetng funny going on on the field. players who get tapped on the leg or shoulder, suddenly collapsing in agony and xat exaggerated spasms of pain. your pet peeve. here is the deal. they are the world except among player cans, because team usa says it's cheating. >> in the world cup the refs have to make these split second decisions of what can happen. you some guy faking it -- lay ou look at the r and they realize. >>> now a company that makes condoms is out with a new ad spoofing the dives. these are actors. you get the . the name o
in mexico. this is the gal here. just 16 years old. lawn a hole and went on trip with girlfriends, family, they say she complained she wasn't feeling well. and then collapsed. she is star soft bear player, apparently known foreign joying energy drinks. cardiologist cents say there is medical evidence showing the drink can cause changes in heart rhythm, increase blood pressure, some calling for them to be regulated much like alcohol, not even being served anyone under the age of 21. >> scary moment for a car dank lynn over the side after hospital parking garage. that's not what you are seeing. this is another shot of a vehicle on a kansas highway, that completely flipped over an s.u.v., flipped over, but we were told that the driver is going to be okay. so that's a totally different story. but another story in california, was the woman in a parking garage. >> yes. >> at a hospital, and she went right through the bar yerkes hit the gas. >> instead of the brake. >> but the cable save her. like four stories up. can you believe it? >> i have nightmares about stuff like that. >> she is lucky. >
watched some yesterday and i was engaged. >> mexico time brazil, that was an incredibly exciting game. >> we call that a draw. do they shelter all! -- shout draw!! >> morning must-read. argued a move should be made. moving export and would continuing technology would lead to -- they have some numbers that look pretty impressive given the fact the economy could be doing better. >> you wonder, can it work? canada should forward the idea todayback up near 159 oil -- 115 in oil today. >> changing the debate over whether the videos cannot afford to export. >> big debate. >> something we will continue to discuss. done with the macro economy and geopolitics. coming up, we want to focus on inflation and what this means for interest rates benefits mandate. we will be right back on "bloomberg surveillance." we will see you after the break. ♪ >> good morning, "bloomberg surveillance." a less sweltering day here in new york. vincent reinhart joining us in the next hour. we welcome all of you worldwide, this is "bloomberg surveillance." i am tom keene with scarlet fu and adam johnson. a quick da
a -- group a is brazil, mexico, croatia and cameroon and cameroon is going home. anyway, i'm joe kernen. i'm learning. work with me. people are happy because in the past i have -- >> told me for years. >> i know. >> the guy who has an app called the score, which apparently has the world cup, he wants you to download it. he said he wants to be considered for the disrupter series. >> really? >> not for this year, but he says for joe -- >> it's cool, too, because there's a bunch of different stadiums in brazil and it's beautiful and sunny, everybody is so psyched when they're watching it. i'm into it. as a citizen of the world, i'm kind of into it. becky is here, andrew is here. you've got to get up to speed. but you have to start with football, i mean regular football before you move on to this. we will start slowly. >> how about nascar? >>ic still have nascar. >>> making headlines, prosecutors want to know whether congressional staff helped tip trade toers a chanrs to a chang. subpoenas have been send. no word yet on whether these are the same employees that blew up the hard drives where ap
so much. >> coming up on "new day," family of a marine jailed for months now in mexico may finally have some good news. we've been staying on this story. he's still being held in isolation and still isn't getting treatment for his ptsd. we'll talk to the sergeant's mother. his name is andrew tahmooressi. his mother will be on "news day" in an exclusive. please follow this story with us. >> and the orange series continues at 9:00 p.m. with a look at the vietnam war. here is your '60s minute. >> we will prevail in vietnam. >> 14,000 american dead. the war in vietnam has become the most divisive in 100 years. >> what vietnam did was introduce us to a new kind of america, one that was not pure. >> can't expect to do your job and feel pity. >> they didn't play by our rules. >> they are being killed and being killed alive. >> i don't think we can get out. >> started to distrust your own leaders because you started to say they are lying to us. >> i can assure you that we intend to carry on. >> the public in this country was being turned against the war. >> lyndon johnson realized he was n
. the problem is in china, india mexico and other places so the $3000 per family would be something that would not achieve the benefits that the other side seem to think of it. this version is going to have a semi-intact. the chamber of commerce estimated one final construction of the rule would cost $51 billion in lost gdp each year. heritage foundation estimated it would decrease household income by $1200 a year. these are the facts that they are not talking about the points from the other side. let's keep in mind also they are trying to do this or regulation that obama is because he couldn't do it through legislation. we have had countless bills introduced to do the very same thing for legislation. each time they are defeated by a larger margin and so i think if for no other reason it's been rejected by the house and the senate. it's very significant and how should we through regulation try to do something that elected members of this body have rejected over and over again? thank you mr. chairman. >> thank you senator inhofe and we turn now to senator cardin. >> thank you senator whitehouse
because for one reason or another, there seems to be a great big come on in sign down in mexico. >> that's right. and when i came in, we knew exactly what was going to be on the other side of the ocean in my case. we knew that the united states was going to welcome us with open arms. we knew i wouldn't have to live in the shadows. i knew i would have every opportunity to thrive and achieve my dreams. we did. our family worked very, very hard. june 10 of 1980, everything changed for me. 125,000 other cuban refugees who were seeking freedom. that is not the case with these children. it's certainly not the '80s anymore. we have a lot of concerns in terms of national security. these people don't know what they're going to get when they cross the border. >> sure. >> that is a big concern. >> we're look at some of the images. you came over when you were about the same size as some of these kids. you were five years old. what do you think about those kids? obviously in their hearts they hope to have the same kind of life you do, but it's uncertain at this point because they're in the country il
on the beach in in mexico, win on the trip with the girlfriends' family, complains she wasn't feeling well, and then collapsed. her classmates are trying to cope with that lost. >> anything can happen at any time. i mean, it was so unexpected. >> hammonds, star softball player, was apparently known foreign joying energy drinks. some cardiale jinx cents in fact, say there is medical evidence showing the drinks can cause changes in heart rhythm, and increase blood pressure, some even calling for them to be regulated much like alcohol, not even being served anyone under the age of 21. >> speaking out about the ordeal, 15 year old yaha and did i admits he got on the flight, closest one headed west because he really wanted to see his birth mom. he said he cannot believed he survived the georgie which was five and a half hours san jose to maui back in april. hadn't seen his mom in years. did get chance to speak with her for the first time since it called ham. has been living in temporary foster home, seeking us a hilum, he survived despite low oxygen and freezing temperatures. >>> 5:20. -- 6:20.
in november. >> the nightmare for the u.s. marine in mexico could soon be over. the mother of sergeant tahmooressi fired two lawyers after questioning their c competence. he accidentally drove into mexico with three legally registered guns. >>> now to extreme weather. more of it damage and dramatic pictures after a south dakota town takes a direct hit from a tornado. >> oh my gosh. it hit something oh, no. that tornado hitting a town west of sue falls south dakota. plenty of homes and businesses had major damage in that area and now the red cross is coming in to help families who have been displaced by that storm. >> maria molina tracking in the storm center. >> some of the strongest tornadoes in february february a -- nebraska and south dakota. in states like minnesota parts of iowa down to candace and oklahoma. there's a secondary area we could be seeing severe weather and that's across the mid atlantic states like maryland, parts of southern new jersey. you could see storms with large hail and damaging winds. there's a smaller risk for tornadoes. it could potentially produce a torna
for the northeast from kansas to minnesota. isolated thunderstorms in new mexico and montana. >> and phoenix, look at that, 103 degrees. 90s from dallas to atlanta. 80s in the northeast and midwest. >>> the libyan man thought to be the mastermind of the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi apparently planned other attacks. u.s. ambassador to the u.n. defended the secret mission to capture, ahmed abu khattala calling it necessary to prevent those alleged attacks. khattala is expected to arrive in the u.s. in the coming days to face trial in washington, d.c. >>> and an 9-year-old philadelphia man is now being held without bail on a german arrest warrant. he's charged with helping to kill thousands of jews while he was a concentration camp guard. here's abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: this is the face of johann breyer, the 89-year-old man, federal prosecutors called one of last surviving nazi war criminals in the u.s. >> he is charged with having been an armed guard at the auschwitz concentration camp. >> reporter: since 1952, breyer has been living quietly in philadelphia working as a toolmake
hundreds of firefighters battling wildfires in new mexico mm. the fires have consumed more than 20 square miles of forest and forced residents of two native-american communities to evacuate. another 50 homes 94 threatened. >>> police in ohio have identifies a mummified corpse found hanging in a home by a 12-year-old boy. the child apparently snuck into a vacant home on sunday night. and he found the corpse in a closet with a belt wrapped around the neck. authorities believe it's the man who lived there, edward brunten, they believe he died this past winter. >>> and a car got stuck and was dangling four floors above the ground. authorities say the woman hit the gas instead of the brake. crews were able to pull it in after about an hour. >>> police arrested kala oxenham. our sister station in ft. meyer said the children told police their mother burned them on their arms with a hot stick. the kids ages 5 and 7, their mother told them they could burn them so they could have ice cream and to identify them as hers. >>> amazon is releasing the world to the first smartphone the fire phone. amazon
not be widely known, but as part of this cooperation, we get access to the field and the gulf of mexico and the usa, canada, alaska. and as a result, we exchange technology. we swap assets and in general, it stabilizes the situation in the entire industry. and we are also a large importer of the equipment. this is a very important area for our cooperation. for example, with general electric. we appreciate this work and we will make sure we will do our best to complete this work without any discorruptions. >> you have shares on the london stock exchange. but you also have a major stakeholder, you have the russian government the best part of 70%. does it matter to you if there is an increase in the state privatization program and talked about stakes, possibly just under 20%, actually going through or not? does it matter to you if the russian government has 70% or 50% and whether you have the current public listing on your stock or you have a greater publicly traded and out of stock? >> i think that it would be in the best interests of the country in terms of its economic and financial sit
likely to win the post. >>> now to our investigation into the hidden crisis along the border with mexico. a daily wave of illegal immigrants risking their lives to cross the rio grande and they make it to the u.s. and our cameras captured it all. here's abc's jim avila. >> reporter: inside the hunt for an unprecedented flood of central american children. some with parents, but now so many coming alone. sneaking into the u.s. along our southern border. helicopters above, border patrol agents below. taking us along exclusively as they track them in the bush. >> couple of them running. >> reporter: it is happening 1,000 times a day in the rio grande valley of texas. unheard of numbers. moms bringing babes in arms across the river into the united states. this woman from honduras, collapsing into the arms of an agent when he says, yes, you are in the u.s. the young man next to her only 17. crossed alone. and these two, just children, spent six days riding buses and walking here from el salvador. i asked him how old he was? [ speaking foreign language ] 16. >> just 16. on his own. the boy is t
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